Combo Piracetam AL 1,200 mg, 120 Tablets + Mega Lecithin (Choline) 1,325 mg; 65 Tablets

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Taking Lecithin with Piracetam

Piracetam and Lecithin (Choline) are a popular nootropic stack when combined together. Choline intensifies the benefits of Piracetam. In 1981, scientists performed a study that showed Piracetam and Choline work synergistically, so the effect of taking them in combination is greater than the sum of the effects of taking them separately. Some studies  suggest that Piracetam increases the uptake of choline in the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with memory.


How to Combine Lecithin and Piracetam

Your Lecithin/Piracetam ratio could range from one gram of Lecithin for every six gram of Piracetam to one gram of Lecithin for every one gram of Piracetam (the ratio used in the 1981 experiment).The ratio that is right for you might not be right for anyone else. A great deal will depend on your metabolism and the amount of choline you are getting in your diet. You will have to rely on trial and error. Start out with a lower dose of Lecithin and work your way up until you discover what works for you. 

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