Payment Methods

eCheck (provided by Green.Money)

Paying by eCheck is as convenient and as safe as using a personal check. All you need is a checking or a saving account. During the checkout process you will need to provide your bank account number and your bank routing number (the number left from your account number on you personal check). We have been using Green.Money as our eCheck payment processor. 


Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money. The Zelle payment supports more than 100 US Banks. If you have a US bank account, you most likely already have access to Zelle. Look for it in your banking app.

Our payment system does not integrate with Zelle. To place and pay for your order with Zelle, put your selection in the cart and go to Checkout where you will see the Total price. Do not complete the order. Instead go to your banking app and send the amount to   After that please email us the list of products you ordered.

Credit Cards

Our Credit Card payment system is up and running. However, if you do not see this option on the Payment Method screen, 11/9/2018 Our Credit Card payment system is currently down. We suggest you switch either to eCheck or Zelle payment option to finish placing your order.

We have been experiencing credit card processing issues since August 2018. Every credit card payment requires a card processor – a bank. Due to pressure from regulatory agencies, the financial services industry has recently made it difficult to get payments processing for nootropics vendors. Some governmental agencies see dietary supplements and nootropics as illicit, dangerous self-medication. While it is largely not, and these products are legal, this view is promoted by established interests (e.g. pharmaceutical lobbies) and exercised by regulatory agencies, sometimes extralegally. 

We do not accept PayPal

We no longer accept PayPal as a method of payment. This is not by our choice. PayPal - just like some card processors - has made a decision not to work with most nootropic and dietary supplement vendors. If you disagree with this policy, we encourage you to email directly Paypal's customer support team.